Saturday, October 27, 2012


Doing some sketches for my third year project at school, topic is Kings and Queens, my choice is Einstein. I saw the opera Einstein on the Beach back in september and after experiencing something like that I can't see how I couldn't focus on a man such as him. Here are the first quick ideas, sampling different parts of his life. From early childhood to the day he passed. Many more to come I'm sure. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back Piece

Three passes in, the companion piece to go along with the Amputation painting. Playing with shapes, and breaking up space. I have been looking at Gustav Klimt more and more lately and am starting to see how I can push what I do with my work. 

New start

Went to the Picasso, black and white show at the Guggenheim last weekend and it blew me away. How simple his paintings could become yet how much more they had to say as I stood in front of them. These are two quick studies for how the shapes will sit on the surface. Planning on developing them into large scale figure paintings. 

St. Patricks

Went to St. Patricks for the first time the other week. I am not exactly a religious man but I am spiritual. And being in there for the first time I did feel something. Perhaps it was the intense light, or the music being played and how it echoed throughout the entire building. Anyway the painting is only one pass in (waiting on a tube of paint to continue the process), but I plan to do a black and white painting for the first one. And perhaps as the work grows with new pieces it will evolve and grow to a full symphony of color. 

Amputee - Further Progress

Still have more to do on this one, but it is starting to take shape and come together. Slight glare on the 
painting, better photo to come when complete... 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oct 8 Update

Some recent drawings from St. Patricks cathedral

Began two new self portraits about 3 days ago. Progress thus far.....

36 x 36

35 x 40