Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thesis and beyond

Now that my Einstein project is pretty much near completion (corrections and all) I have begun some new work. The way I approached the Einstein project has led me to change the way I think about painting. Not only the handling of the medium but the way it could look as well. Somewhat going for a more abstracted reality as I did in those 360 drawings. 

The first here are a few small studies. Simple shapes and color to get the general idea of what the paintings could look like but on a much larger scale.

I also started s few still life's. Things around my room that I normally use for making my other works. In this case my ink well and tape roll. Only one pass on this so far.

This is one of the 44x48's that I have planned. It's simple. A blue wall with these aqua-teal struts that jut out from the wall. There was a single white wire running from side to side on the other side of the street that added in the division of space.

This is the second 44x48. A night scene and a painting that I am pleased with so far. Since I began the Einstein project back in the first week of November I have not painted. But drawing this whole time and the occasional gouache that I would incorporate into the pieces made me want to loosen up and be bolder with my paint. Not only the application but the color. Something that is not my strong suite, yet.

I have a few more paintings planned that I will start in the next few weeks. Feels good to be back!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Einstein Wall

Well here it is! After 3 and half months of non stop work (literally) the piece is just about finished. Less adjustments then I previously thought, but nonetheless a little more work to be done. Enjoy. 

Details - 

Sunday, February 10, 2013


360 drawings for Albert Einstein. 
Back in first week of November I set a February 12 deadline for myself to get these drawings done. Well at least to reach the final number. And now that I have, and 2 days early as well, the real work begins. I now have a month and a half before the SVA junior show, which leaves me with plenty of time to go back into the piece as a whole. Planning to re-order, re-work and edit for the next 6 weeks. Hopefully with all of that time I can make this the best that it can be. Still a lot of work ahead of me but It feels good to have all of these under my belt!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here is the Einstein project as of now, 304 drawings and more in progress. I am approaching the goal on my schedule with a Feb 12th Deadline, which leaves me with a month and a half or so to go back into some of the drawings. Retouch, re-do, make new ones and so on before the project is due for the SVA junior show in April.  And am glad to say I am still very much interested in the project if not more then ever.