Saturday, November 17, 2012

Einstein - 26

I have already made about 12 more, and these photos are not the best (besides for a few exceptions) but here a a number of new ones for a closer look. I will be posting the new ones when I can. With having to make 20 per week a lot of time is going into this endeavor and pretty much nothing else. Feels good too! stay tuned and I'll keep you posted. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Einstein in progress.

This is the beginning of my third year project at SVA. My topic is Einstein and not only am I dealing with his life and the various points in it but his famous theories and equations as well. 

The project was originally supposed to be 8 works of any size and medium. I started off making multiple sketches of one scene to see how things could fit and be arranged. In short to see what is possible, moving things just ever so slightly for a better more dynamic and graphic approach. 

As I was went along making more and more of these drawings the project turned into more of its self without my me noticing and dealing with Einstein and his work then if I were to depict it in a single image. The use of repetition and pattern describes his Theory of Relativity, as well with the possibility of different worlds, times and spaces. 

Then the use of a flattened space to make the image simpler has allowed me to in a way make them more complex. The figure taken from a number of famous photographs of the physicist and having the background or the "wallpaper" tell the story. And in most images having the circle recur to be one of the main elements that link images with the others.  

As of now I have 31, by the end of March I plan on having around 360, or at least as near as I can get.