Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time for a change

Change is a hard concept to fully grasp. Whether it's a big move you have been planning for some time or a small thing like using a new toothbrush. Life takes you in all different directions. Pulling you this way one day and another way the very next. Same goes with making work. Constantly thinking of what you are currently doing, what you have done and where it will lead next.

I had a summer job this year. And while I was there a lot (physically at least) I would often think about my time in the studio. What it really is leading me to and so on. And now that my work days are just about over I'm thinking back to the early days of the summer. I noticed how much my work has changed in 3 short months. How many advances I have not only made in the physical aspect of painting but the mental as well. How I am starting to find something that I want to keep exploring, and delve a little deeper into. This last month of summer before school starts I am devoting 100 percent to painting. Furthering my studies and experiments. I figure painting is going to be my life so the sooner I solely relay on it the better off I am. So here is to change, and all the excitement, mystery, and wonder that it will bring. I can honestly say that I have never been more ready for something like this. It's not a huge dramatic change, but it is a decision that I will hopefully look back on and smile that I decided to make it.

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