Friday, August 31, 2012

Instrument thus far - August 31.

This series of tools or as I have come to call them Instruments started with a simple little drawing of a bolt on the back of a napkin ring while out having lunch. This is a collection of drawings but as it progressed I wanted to push what a drawing could be for me. What it could consist of and how I went about it. My previous drawings were these very technical, tight and overly detailed renderings of various things from trees, to little things I would find around my house. And I would slave over them for days. Trying my best to get everything just right. Looking back now I realized that if I were to continue that way I would be missing out on so much. 
These new works are a push for me to see where I can take my drawing. Almost relating it to painting more than anything. The first few were charcoal drawings. Then progressed to ink and gouache drawings. and as I made more and more I started to throw in what ever else was within arms reach. Ink, Watercolor, various kinds of charcoal, pencil, conte, chalk, matte medium and in the process heavily sanding to expose previous passes and thoughts. And as I began to grow the visual symphony of these pieces the more they spoke to me. The more they meant to me and no longer seemed like a drawing of just another thing around the house. They became these drawings/paintings that I saw a little of my self in each. 
This is the progress as of now. The ones on top being the more recent and so on as you go down. As this next school year begins I am aiming to not only work on my school projects but also pay a lot of attention to my own personal work. 
And hopefully advancing the process on these works even further as time goes by. 

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