Monday, December 10, 2012

Einstein - one hundred and forty some odd.

It has been a while since my last post on Einstein.

I have been crazy busy producing many more drawings. The project is really beginning to take shape as well. Sets of drawings spawning others and certain ideas that bring life to new ones. As I started to make more of them I realized I wanted the final number to have some sort of importance and not just represent how many I could finish by the due date. At first the goal was around 100, but I soon found out that would be no hard task. Consisting of me to only have to do 5 drawings a week. I knew I  could do much more then that, so as I began drawing more I realized I had to do 360 of them. A real task at about 23 drawings a week (as of now I am doing around 30 per week). The circle is natures shape. Organic, equal and perfect in a sense. Everything making up this whole, this mass, this shape. Einstein's ideas and theories were based on a school of thought called Holism. Where everything is a part of a whole, where everything is connected. So to not only have the circle run throughout the pieces it would also have to be a part of the greater whole. Every aspect of the series, every aspect of each drawing is connected with another. Either relating back to another drawing that took place earlier in time or foreshadowing another to come. The main aspects being circles, dots, rectangles, stripes, flowers, elevators, beams of lights and clocks. With the variations all stemming off of a base 24 drawings. As of now I have around 21 of the 24, various points in his life showing different aspects. Some more personal and others shared with the world. After the 24 are done I will have to go 15 drawings down. And as of now I have around 7 rows of drawings down. So in all it will be this grid of drawings that make up a 12 foot by 10 foot piece. No small task.

As of now I have 140 something drawings. Well a head of schedule on this project. Planning on finishing early so I can edit, re-do, and add certain marks, colors, or shapes that will help the piece as a whole. As the project continues forward I am varrying the way I make them. Adding new media into the process as well as methods of taking a drawing to finish. Such as printing, gel transfers, and typing onto the drawings with a type writer that was made in the 30's. Perhaps even the same model that Einstein used, who is to know?

And as always as I make new ones it forces others to be moved, rearranged and in some cases re-worked. With so many possibilites of what could happen it is exciting to sit down everytime, start working and not really knowing exactly what it is that I am going to do.

I do not plan on photographing them anytime soon. I dont have the proper equipment with me here at school nor do I have the time to take and edit hundreds of photos. That will have to wait for the summer that is soon to come. So for now take my word when I say it is in progress... and well on it's way.

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