Saturday, December 21, 2013

39 Drawings(study)

This is a recent set of drawings done for a larger work. Again working in the 'theme and variation' method, I have taken 8 motif's that I have been rather obsessed with recently. Approched in smaller paintings I figure it was time to try another large project. The subjects them selves are rather simple, a house top, a cloud, these wonderful wires that look like two incredible hands, a stack, the grid, the circle, trees, and a tree farm. These shapes have continued to make their way into my paintings and thought process. Earlier this year I wanted to attempt to do another theme and variation but I had no ground to stand on. In a sense I had to re-invent a visual language in which to speak with. This method of working is also something that lands close to home, repetition and variation. The plan for the larger project is still pretty loose, other than it will involve a large number of works. More to come in the future weeks. Enjoy and happy holidays!


  1. Love the new direction.. working and reworking the new motifs are a great way to build a new visual language...Merry Christmas.